I work with the meanings and senses, studying the mechanisms and problematics of their (trans)formation, using the methods of performative intervention, observation and writing.

My practice is focused on the exploration and interaction with the environments as semantic spaces. I search and reveal voids in them – spots of uncertainty and slippery of language, misunderstanding and miscommunication. Delicately intruding into the environments with my own body and temporary objects, I observe how they are (not)accepting my presence, and how they are changing due to it. I try to break viewers' expectations and habitual perception of the space, forcing them to active interpretation, to inventing new meanings and connotations.

Besides that, through practices of writing, I strive to filling in the semantic voids by speaking out where it is customary to remain silent. By writing about what bothers me, what makes
me sad or ashamed, by sharing my personal fears and concerns, I call on other people
to break their own silence and start communication.
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