Word Games
Series of prints and drawings, 2018 – 2019
The project includes 3 series of works: «Stuck on the puzzle?» (firstly presented during the residency in Back Lane West, Redruth, UK in 2019), «Rebuses» and «Cryptarhymes» (both firstly presented during the residency «Fundacja»
in Klementowice, Poland, 2018).

It is my conceptual research of language riddles, i.e crosswords, rebuses, cryptarhymes. Each of them is based
on the principle of encrypting words in some images or other words, which apart from their function of being
a container for the hidden content may be perceived as abstract or having their own independent meaning.
But from the complex of specific attributes which has developed historically and become a part of our cultural experience we can still identify these images and words as riddles that need to be solved. One of these attributes
is the clue to the riddle. The clue not only helps to solve the riddle, but also indicates that what we see is a riddle.

In my research I create drawings and prints based on form of the riddle as an abstraction – on how the cypher looks
like, apart from what does it encrypt. There is no sign in them of being a riddle and any possibility of solving them.
In the case of rebuses the clue is the language in which it was composed. For crosswords – it is the list of questions, answers to which should fill the cells. For the cryptarhymes – it is the very knowledge that in each letter the number
is encrypted, and the words hide some mathematical formula – so the very knowledge that it is actually a riddle.

But because of our experience – and the habit of looking for a meaning in everything – we still see these abstract images as riddles – although they just have the external attributes of a riddle – and try to find the answers
to questions that haven't even been asked.
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