Keep it to Yourself. Tell No One
Text in the environment, 2020
There are things that you need to speak out. You start speaking, you almost speak. But the fear of being rejected
or depreciated, fear to dissapoint or upset your loved ones makes you stop. And you silence your voice, you erase
your words.

This is what I visualize by erasing my own confessions, that I myself dare not make, written with charcoal on the wall. But erasing charcoal black words leaves terrible traces, and the more words are erased the wider, bigger, darker
these traces get.

«Keep it all to yourself, tell no one» – that is what we are taught from our very childhood.
And so we do – and cover ourselves with charcoal black wounds, over and over, until we totally drown in the dark.

The work was completed exclusively for my personal exhibition in Detector gallery (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine).
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