Studies of Nothing
Performative intervention, photo, 2020 – ...
«Studies of Nothing» is a series of performative landscape interventions. It is an ongoing project, currently consists
of six episodes.

I intervene the landscapes and for a short period of time become a part of it. I do certain actions which are pointless
and meaningless in their usual context. Thus, I, on the one hand, make this context manifested and questioned.
And on the other hand, I provoke the viewer to interpret my actions and thus fill the landscape with the new meanings.

This project is a part of my research of the idea of «minimal intrusion art» and «intangible land art» practices,
in which I try to interact with the environments without leaving a physical trace.
Episode 1: Walking a Cloud
Episode 2: Swimming in the Sea of Grass
Episode 3: Gardening
Episode 4: Waiting for the Rain
Episode 5: Sunbathing
Episode 6: Doing yoga in the burned woods
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