Sky Line
Instagram-based video-art, 2020
I like the idea that the horizon is a thread on which all living beings, phenomena and natural objects that exist
on Earth are sewn through.

When I travel by train or by car, I constantly watch through the window how this thread unfolds itself parallel to my path. It is still the same single continuous line, but so diverse in its structure - with sharp vertical peaks and troughs, with smooth waves and calm plateaus. A certain contour, which outlines, like a pencil outlines the child's palm
on a piece of paper, mountains and trees, buildings and factory chimneys - everything that was created by nature
or erected by human hands.

It's funny to think that I myself take part in the formation of this relief. That when I rise above the surface of the Earth,
I become for a while another vertical on the horizon. And that with any, even my most insignificant movement,
I set it in motion too.

Thus the whole Earth is constantly in this state of instability, fluidity, it vibrates like a hive thickly covered with bees,
from our eternal swarming on it. While the sky is calm and immutable. It is too great to catch these smallest vibrations of the horizon. To it, they are ripples in the water that flashed in an instant and disappeared without a trace.

Project implemented in frames of «Brüdershaft» project, supported by German Embassy in Ukraine.
The videos were exhibited in the project's Instagram account in the format of regular posts and stories. They were promoted using social media instruments and appeared as the pieces of advertisement throughout the Instagram, «invading» into the users' newsfeeds.
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