Video-meditation, 2021

Shodō is a Japanese calligraphy art. It is practiced in Zen Buddhism as a way of meditation, concentration, purification of the mind and attainment of satori – enlightenment

When performing calligraphic exercises, it is necessary to free the heart and mind from the worries of the world around. Focus only on the meaning of the created symbol, become one with it.

By controlling the brush, the writer gets control over his own body, thoughts, emotions. By mastering the writing
of symbols, conquering them, he also gains power over what they mean – over phenomena and feelings, both positive
and negative.

Project created in collaboration with the musician Rostislav Golubov in frames of the «Digital Art Therapy Studio» residency organised by the «V-Art» Digital Art Platform 2021. The music composition is the Ukrainian folk song
«Oi u vyshnevomu sadu» arranged and performed by Rostislav Golubov.
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