Memory Effect
Projection of borrowed video, borrowed objects, installation, 2017
When a person receives a thing – finds, buys, creates – he chooses it from the vast space of things. By assigning, makes it the part of its own cosmos. Using a thing, a person marks it with his presence. In addition to the traces of the material body (sweat, blood, fragments of the epithelium), it leaves on it traces and bodies of the metaphysical. In magic they
are called «energy prints». The phenomenon of the absorption and conservation of energy by objects is called the «memory of things». It is believed that the greatest ability to remember has a tissue. The very structure of the material allows it to accumulate and store physical traces – heads on a pillow, a boot on the carpet, wine spots on the front tablecloth. Fabric products are with a person in constant tactile contact and play an important role in the system
of his everyday life. Accompanying him for many years, decorating his home and regulating life, they become witnesses to the events not only of personal, but also of family history. Bed linen, tablecloths, towels and curtains observe generations of generations, are present at birth and death, mourning and festivities, in everyday rituals and daily
scenes – and absorb everything that they see. So home textiles become the bearer of family memory.

In this project I work with textiles that have been stored in my family for dozens of years, and video fragments from family archives. I force subjects belonging to my family to give me memories of its history. I release vague images
of the past from the folds of the dilapidated fabric, restore to life the memory of loved ones, about events – important and insignificant, but equally valuable, about feelings that I would like to re-experience. To see the world in the days
of his youth and to get acquainted with himself again. To delay oblivion and to find eternal life – through the eternal memory of times when in your own immortality you did not have to doubt.

Project exhibited in the Municipal Gallery (Kharkiv, Ukraine) in 2017.
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