I Will Do My Best
Text in the public space, 2018
My project is a continuation of my study of the topic of affirmative texts and their interaction with the urban space. Starting with formulas aimed at relieving guilt and reducing stress in the post-trauma environment, as a next step I propose to move to the action for changing this environment for the better.

Phrases, each of which begins with the words «I will do everything to…», placed on the streets of the city, are offered
to its residents and guests as a means of self-motivation and self-inspiration for the personal and civic activity.

Text on the cover photo – «I will do everything to be able to breathe freely»
The project was created within the residence «Zmist. Identities», organized by «Platform TU» in Mariupol, Ukraine (2018).

In the frames of the project, the work was also created on the facade of the «Platform TU».

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