More than everything, I'm afraid of becoming a ghost when I die
Performance, photo, 2020
What if

You died and became a ghost.

You are stuck between two worlds – not belonging to any go them. Here, in this non-place, the border place,
the place in-between, it is so cold, and hopeless, and lonely.

But something here is familiar to you. Some places and paths seem like you used to know them before.
Maybe you spent hours and days there, walked these paths so many times that they became your routine.
Or maybe you experienced strong feelings there, or have these feelings connected with them – love, hate, anger or fear.

These fading memories from the life you once had – is the only thing that left for you. And these familiar places
are the only safe ones among this space of an endless despair.

You go there, looking for a shelter in these memories' remains, you walk these paths over and over,
hoping to finally find peace.

And that's how these places and paths become haunted.

By you.

Project created in the frames of «Crossing» – German-Ukrainian digital residency by Artsvit gallery (Dnipro, Ukraine)
and Verein PAERsche Aktions-Labor (Cologne, Germany).
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