Born on 11 Feb 1994. Based in Kharkiv, Ukraine.


2012 – 2016 – Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.
2008 – 2012 – Kharkiv Art College.

Selected solo exhibitions:

«Garage Sale» in Garage 127 gallery (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

«Weather Diaries / Weather Maps» in Municipal gallery
(Kharkiv, Ukraine);
«Keep it to yourself, tell no one» in Detector gallery
(Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine).

«Going to the Strawberry Fields» in Dymchuk gallery
(Kyiv, Ukraine) – link;
«Nothing Will Come of Nothing» in Circolo Cavallerizza (Torino, Italy).

«Red» in Hudpromloft gallery (Kharkiv, Ukraine);
«The Catch» in Soviart gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine);
«Packing» in Vovatanya gallery (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

«Local archeology» in Contemporary art center «Tea Factory» (Odesa, Ukraine);
«Any coincidence with the reality is random» in Artsvit gallery (Dnipro, Ukraine) – link;
«Deep space» in Vovatanya gallery (Kharkiv, Ukraine);
«Memory Effect» in Municipal gallery (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

Selected residencies:

AADK Spain residency program (Centro Negra, Blanca, Spain);
Residencia Corazon (participation supported by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation) (La Plata, Argentina);

«Digital Art Therapy Studio» by «V-art» digital art platform (online, Ukraine) – link.

«Two Roots» German-Ukrainian digital residency by Gedankendach Centre (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) and Villa Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany) – link;
«Crossing» online performance residency by Artsvit gallery
(Dnipro, Ukraine) and Verein Paersche (Cologne, Germany) – link;
«Woven Network» digital residency by Platform TU
(Mariupol, Ukraine), Intercult (Stockholm, Sweden) and Fablevision (Paisley, Scotland) – link;
«Creativity from Home» digital residency by Co-iki Arts Living Space (Tokyo, Japan) – link;
American Art Incubator media art online-residency by Isolation Fund (Kyiv, Ukraine) and Zero1 (San-Francisco, USA).

Back Lane West residency (Redruth, United Kingdom) – link;
<rotor> Association for Contemporary Art (Graz, Austria);
«Exter» AIR program by Ukrainian Institute
(Berlin Art Institute, Germany) – link.

«Ex.plain air» (Drohobych, Ukraine);
«Fundacja ZPK» (Klementowice, Poland);
«Pobratymci» (CK Zamek, Poznan, Poland);
«Z.mist» («Platform TU», Mariupol, Ukraine) – link.

«Ex.plain air» (Chernihiv, Ukraine);
«Perceived identities. To have or to be?»
(YermilovCentre, Kharkiv, Ukraine);
«Z.mist» («Platform TU», Mariupol, Ukraine).

Selected group exhibitions:


«No taboo» exhibition (Vovatanya gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine).

virtual exhibition «An order we can't recognise yet»
(Kharkiv, Ukraine) – link;
exhibition «I don't feel free to do what I wan't. Part II»
(<rotor> Association for Contemporary Art, Graz, Austria) – link;
«Brüdershaft» project, supported by German Embassy in Ukraine (multiple platforms, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro) – link;
«Is the Ritual equal to the Routine?» group exhibition
(Artsvit gallery, Dnipro, Ukraine) – link;
«One Hundred Days of Loneliness» group exhibition
(Port Hub, Kyiv, Ukraine);
international winter land art festival «Mythogenesis»
(Nemyriv, Ukraine).

international winter land art festival «Mythogenesis»
(Nemyriv, Ukraine);
«Our Skins are Porous Too» group exhibition
(Skelf virtual space, United Kingdom) – link;
«Rituals» exhibition (The Lit Exhibit gallery, New York, USA);
Ukrainian Biennale of Young Art (Kharkiv, Ukraine);
exhibition «I don't feel free to do what I wan't. Part I»
(Municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine).

international winter land art festival «Mythogenesis»
(Nemyriv, Ukraine);
Young contemporary art festival «Non Stop Media IX»,
special project (Municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine).

international winter land art festival «Mythogenesis»
(Nemyriv, Ukraine);
exhibition «Age. City. Non-famousness»
(Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine);
exhibition «Basic knowledge about the world (of contemporary art)»
(Municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine);
international video art exhibition «Jak Jest?»
(gallery «Labirynt», Liublin, Poland);
exhibition «Ex.plain air» (YermilovCentre, Kharkiv, Ukraine);
parallel program of the exhibition «HA.City»
(National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv).

exhibition «Sviata» («Hudpromloft», Kharkiv, Ukraine).



Finalist of the Ukrainian Biennale of Young Art (Kharikiv, Ukraine).

Finalist of the contest for young Ukrainian artists MUKHI 2017
(Kyiv, Ukraine);
Winner of the contemporary visual art contest of Nathan Altman (Vinnytsya, Ukraine).

Laureate of Contemporary art festival «Non Stop Media VIII» (Kharkiv, Ukraine);
Finalist of the contemporary visual art contest of Nathan Altman (Vinnytsya, Ukraine).
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