Artist May
Text in the interior, 2018
The pressure of stereotypes and how it can crash the artist's personality. Fear of being different, of being inappropriate and thus rejected. Constant efforts to change oneself, looking for the exact recipe of fame and recognition, struggling for being accepted. Lots of «must's» which regulates artist's relationship with their work, community and themselves. And seems that artist always «must», but never «may». And this doctrine brings nothing but frustration and disappointment.

I created this room to show that artist may be/do anything/everything. It is a space of absolute acceptance and possibility, declaring the nonsense of all stereotypes. It is a space of statement and affirmation. Somehow it is also
the space of the manifest – of the artist's freedom and right to live, work and not to be judged.

Project realized during the residency «Fundacja» in Klementowice (Poland) in 2018.
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